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Our recording studio is amongst the finest in London. We have a fully equipped Logic Pro X studio and an enviable set of outboard equipment. Our studio has it's very own live recording space which includes a drum kit, bass & guitar amps, several keyboards and professional microphones with a PA system. 


A great studio means nothing without great engineers – a philosophy we take to heart. Here at Peckham Studios we can record, arrange, mix and master your music to commercial release quality. Our engineers aren’t just there to be tape ops, they can get involved as little or as much as necessary to deliver the sound you want, right up to fully commissioned pieces. Our philosophy has always been that “if it sounds right, it is right”. We have only one aim – for our clients to be totally satisfied with the recordings we make. And we never forget our most important piece of equipment – our ears. Our versatile and flexible recording rooms enable you to find the right balance of equipment and ambiance to suit your requirements and budget.


In House Basic Producer

Half Day (5 hours) - £70

Full Day (8 hours) - £100

Professional On Call Producer

Half Day (5 hours) - £100

Full Day (8 hours) - £160

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