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Studio bookings are currently not available

We are currently looking for further funding to keep Peckham Studios open.


In the meantime, bookings are closed. We hope to come back very soon. Thank you for your understanding.


Stay Tuned!

Providing a fully equipped studio space for working musicians, the studio develops young people’s passion for music, giving young people of all abilities the opportunity to experiment with music in a fun and creative way, and developing the careers of up-and-coming local artists.

The studio provides free youth music programmes for young people aged between 13-25, thanks to support and funding from The National Foundation for Youth Music and Southwark Council. The programmes include sessions on music development and writing, as well as offering recording time and free rehearsal space.

In short, Peckham Studios is a warm and welcoming space where local young people can learn to play musical instruments, write and express themselves through the medium of music, whilst offering a safe place to socialise and grow.​

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